Scent Classes

Scent Classes

WoofBeach Palms – Scent Classes – 716 West State Street – Geneva – Call 630-389-9610

Scent classes at WoofBeach Palms are a form of training that can prepare your pup for competition – or an enjoyable activity you can do for fun as well. One of the key benefits to scent training is that it is very accessible – practically any dog can participate and learn from it regardless of size, age or breed.

In scent class, your dog learns to utilize their amazing sense of smell to locate odors. Using a similar approach as detection canines who learn to identify odors to locate contraband, scent class teaches dogs how to discern a variety of oils like clove or birch, for instance.

Although it is your dog’s role to find the odors, scent class is a team activity, your role is also important. As your pup’s handler, you’ll help to build reliable indicators and provide a reward when your dog locates the odors.

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