Puppy Socialization Classes

Puppy Socialization Classes

WoofBeach Palms – Puppy Socialization Classes – 716 West State Street – Geneva – Call 630-389-9610

Socialization is an essential experience for your puppy. Getting accustomed to being around other dogs will help him or her be an enjoyable, safe and behaved member of your household. The age range of around six weeks to four months is typically when puppies go through an important socialization stage that can influence their behavior patterns for the remainder of their lives.

As part of puppy socialization classes at WoofBeach Palms, your new furry friend will participate in controlled and supervised interactions with other puppies, followed by a rest period. One of the key goals of this informative class is that it teaches puppy owners how to “read” how puppies behave and how to identify healthy interactions.

Proper socialization in combination with positive reinforcement training within a group setting will help your puppy develop into well-adjusted adult dogs. Classes offer critical socializing time with a range of other puppies and people.

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