Employment Application

If you have a passion for working with dogs and possess excellent customer service abilities, there may be employment opportunities for you at WoofBeach Palms! We are a family-owned and operated professional dog grooming, training and boarding business always interested in hard-working people looking to join our team.

Ever since our company launched back in 2012, our main focus has always been about making our valued canine clients and their owners happy. Whether we’re grooming a dog, trimming their nails, cleaning their teeth and ears, performing obedience training, or simply taking good care of the dog while they board at one of our locations in the Fox Valley, our dedicated staff provides the best quality care for each guest. If you’re interested in joining the team here at WoofBeach Palms, the most important requirement for this kind of work is that you must have compassion for animals. For some dogs – particularly if it’s their first visit with us – it can be a stressful experience to go to a new environment and receive grooming from strangers. As a professional groomer, you will need an ability to put dogs at ease and treat them with firm-but-compassionate care.

Since groomers routinely interact with our customers, it’s important to be courteous and listen to their requests – after all, no one knows their own dog better! Groomers must also pay careful attention while treating dogs so the animal remains safe and looks good when the groom is finished. Additionally, because working with animals is a relatively physical activity, another requirement is that you are able to remain comfortably on your on feet for long periods of time.

WoofBeachPalms is located at 716 West State Street in Geneva. To learn more about the exciting employment opportunities at our store, contact us at 630-389-9610.