Dog Training Geneva IL

Dog Training Geneva

Just like teaching humans, training dogs can be an artform that takes knowledge and experience to perform correctly. At Woof Beach, we work hard to provide each of our canine customers the best possible Dog Training Geneva IL experience! To give a basic idea of what is involved in good training practices, here are some of the core principles to follow that generally yield the best results. These basics are also very important for pet owners to apply at home with to support what their dogs learn at training sessions with us:

*Be aware of when you praise or correct your pet. Timing is important, so try to give your dog positive reinforcement right away when he or she does something good or follows an instruction. Alternatively, when your dog engages in a negative behavior, immediate correction is most effective.
* Try to be consistent with your dog in terms of household rules. For example, if you don’t want the dog to climb on the couch or chew on your shoes, don’t make any exceptions – be sure to enforce the rule with no exceptions.
* Be firm when communicating to your four-legged companion. Rather than “asking” your dog to do something such as lie down or sit, use a firm, commanding tome that encourages compliance.
* Keep the atmosphere fun by giving your dog a break during Dog Training Geneva IL. This keeps stress levels lower for both owner and dog.

* When working with your dog, it’s a good practice to break exercises into smaller parts. This helps keep distractions to a minimum so and helps your pet learn easier!

For more details on good Dog Training Geneva IL tips and how Woof Beach can offer excellent training for your dog, give us a call at (630) 326-9277. Woof Beach is located in Geneva at 716 West State Street.