Dear Woofbeach family,

We wanted to write to you today following up on Gov Pritzker’s press conference yesterday. It appears that our extended stay at home will be including the month of April as well. We have been getting the emails and calls from everyone and, as much as it pains us, we have our hands tied at this moment. We are relying on the government to give us the guidance for both our clients and staff. We have written to the state expressing our concerns in regards to the effect this stay at home order can have on our furry friends and their families. The response was more of the same. Training and grooming services are deemed non essential at this time. We are always here for questions you may have, but unfortunately we are forced to extend our suspension of services until May 1, 2020. Should anything change we will immediately let everyone know.


For all of our training clients out there, we have started a private facebook group for resources to try and help through this pandemic. Simply search for Woofbeach Dog Training on FB and ask to be a member. We will then confirm your information and accept. On this page, our trainers will be taking turns doing facebook live videos, and videos to submit. These videos will all be geared towards the questions that you have. We will be trying to keep the videos short and specifically geared around one or two questions. Remember also that any of our trainers can be reached at this time for questions as well. They are available for video chats to do lessons or phone consults.


As for new or interested clients into our program, we will be continuing to do evaluations for our customers during this time as well. Since we cannot operate in our stores at the moment we will be doing our consults via phone or video chat. As a prospective client you can simply inquire through the website or by leaving a message at one of the stores that you are interested in training. Once received, a trainer will reach back out to answer any initial questions about our normal program.  If you would like to proceed, then a Behavioral Assessment form would be sent over for you to fill out. You would need to return this along with any video footage that could be provided of the behaviors you are looking to address. Once all documents and footage are assessed by our trainers, we will call back with a breakdown of how the program would go. This would include what we would start doing for you now during the “stay in place” and how that would carry over into a normal Woofbeach routine.


To our grooming clients, it saddens us to not be able to groom your furry family.  We completely understand how hard this is on everyone but our main focus needs to remain on keeping everyone safe and at home.  The best advice we can give is to make sure you are brushing your pup everyday. No matter how long or thick the hair gets, we will be able to take care of that as soon as we are open again.  Your job for the next month is to keep the mats at bay. If we get any interest, we will put out some videos of proper brushing techniques, as well as ways to keep the hair out of your pups face as it gets crazy long.  If you have any questions about grooming to not hesitate to email Ryan or Christina.


Please everyone stay safe and healthy out there. We can’t wait to see everyone again!


It’s always a pleasure!