Group Obedience Class

Group Obedience Class

WoofBeach Palms – Group Obedience Class – 716 West State Street – Geneva – Call 630-389-9610

There are many benefits to enrolling your pup in dog training classes. Keeping your dog under reliable control will not just help prevent him or her from getting into hazardous situations, but also enhances the bond you share. One of the most effective forms of training is group obedience class at WoofBeach Palms.

Some of the key benefits to the training you and your dog will take part in as part of the class are:

-Socializing with other dogs. If you want to teach your dog fundamental manners and provide an
opportunity for interacting with other dogs, group obedience class is an ideal setting.

-Meet with other dog owners. A group obedience class enables pet parents to learn from each other and share experiences.

-Your dog learns new commands and skills. In group obedience training, dogs learns skills that make it easier for you to maintain control both in public and at home.

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